Stainless steel - shiny silver finishCommonly referred to as 10 gauge. Link Specifications   Link Diameter Total Link Length  Total Link Width   3.0mm 37.0mm 16mm
  Link Specifications Total Link Length Total Link Width Internal Link Length Internal Link Width 24mm 8mm 5mm 11mm
Unique square link construction - hardened steel for exceptional cut and saw resistance. Clear soft plastic sleeve protects painted surfaces from scratching.  See under "Fittings;- Security Padlock" for compatible padlock. Nickel plated (silver)...
Australian Standard Grade "L" chain. Hot dipped galvanized short link suitable for use with most anchor winches and all chain anchors.   Link Diameter: 10mm Total Link Length: 49.5mm Total Link Width: 34.0mm Internal Link Length: 29...
Australian Standard regular link steel chain hot dipped galvanised then powder coated bright yellow. Ideal for use where hi visibility is required as well as strength. Not suitable for lifting.  Link Specifications  Link...
Link Specifications  Link Diameter Total Link Length  Total Link Width  Internal Link Length  Internal Link Width  8mm 50mm  30mm  26mm  14mm