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DIY Balustrade Kits

DIY Balustrade Kits

Posted by Chain Direct on 13th Apr 2021

The use of wire balustrade around residential property is a great way to provide some style to your home, as well as making specific areas meet safety requirements.

Wire balustrade can also be used in many creative ways both inside and out to build some great looking featured areas and wall decorations.

For this reason, there are many types of balustrade fittings and connectors available to allow for customisation of wire runners to suit the installation job at hand.

As there are many different combinations of fittings that can be used in wire balustrading, so we have created a range of DIY balustrade fitting kits that include the most commonly used fittings.

When looking to buy balustrade fittings individually, it can be confusing to try and work out which fittings are needed and are compatible with each other, as well as how many are needed to build up each wire runner.

Our balustrade fitting kits are a popular choice for home installation jobs, as it eliminates this confusion so all you need to do is chose the style of fittings you are after.

Each of our DIY balustrade kits contains the fittings for one wire run.

To get that professional look, most kits include swage fittings, which require the use of a swage tool to crimp the fitting onto the wire. We have available both hydraulic and hand swage tools to make this job easy and give that full professional finish to your balustrade project.

When using swaged fittings, the wires need to be passed through any centre posts before the fittings are crimped on the end. So, the hand swage tool is a great option for the DIY job as you can prepare each wire run and attach the swage fittings as you go.

We carry in stock two types of balustrade wire.

The 7 x 7 construction strand wire is a semi flexible stainless steel wire rope with a braided surface and bright finish. This wire suits most applications including shade structures, architectural applications, balustrading, rigging and other marine uses.

It suits all of our balustrade kits with either hand or hydraulic swaging and is the most popular construction type in our wire range.

The 1 x 19 construction wire is a much more rigid product. It is a bit more expensive and looks a lot more impressive but due to is rigid nature it cannot be bent around thimbles and therefore only suits certain types of turnbuckles and balustrade kits. A hydraulic swager is needed to crimp this wire.

If you’re planning a DIY balustrade job, check out our range of balustrade wire, fittings and tools, and buy online and save.