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Installing A Shade Sail

Installing A Shade Sail

Posted by Chain Direct on 28th Jan 2022

Shade Sails are a great way to make an outdoor area more useable by providing protection from the elements. However, before you begin the installation process it is important to consider the most suitable location for the sail and the type of fixings that you will require.

A few of the things to consider are size of the shade sail, strength of existing structures if intended to be used as anchor points, or the ability to insert fixing posts if needed.

Determining The Correct Fixing Points

The first step, and possibly the most important, is to determine what are the best fixing points for the corners of the sail. This step is critical to the installation and longevity of the structure. You should ensure that all fixing points are structurally sound before you begin, and if unsure, obtain advice from a builder or engineer.

Also, prior to installation you should check with your council if you require approval for the sail or structure you are going to build.

Selecting Shade Sail Fittings

To make the installation of the shade sail as easy and secure as possible, we have an extensive range of shade sail fixing kits available at Chain Direct. This allows you to select the fitting kit or combination that will best suit your own installation requirements.

Fixing To Posts

If you have posts where you will be attaching the shade sail, it is recommended to use a fixing kit that includes eye bolts of a suitable length. This will allow you to attach the sail by drilling through the post and inserting the eye bolts, which will give you the most secure fixing mount.

Pad Eye mounts can be used on posts, however eye bolts will give you a much stronger mounting point.

Attaching To Fascia or Walls

If you don’t have posts available and intend to mount your shade sail to a fascia or wall, then you can use the pad eye fixings. These mounts have 4 holes to allow for the most secure fitting possible, so you should ensure that you use all 4 holes with the most suitable fasteners for the surface or substrate you are attaching the mount to.

Mount Installation

When installing the shade sail fixing mounts, if possible, you should ensure that all connection points face towards the middle of the sail and are fully secured in place. Having the fixings face the centre of the sail will help to give the mountings the most strength possible against the pull of the sail when under load.

Tensioning The Sail

Each of our shade sail mounting kits come with turnbuckles to allow you to properly tension the sail when installed. Once you have the shade sail in place, work your way around the sail and equally tension each turnbuckle to secure the sail in place and fully tighten.

Over time, the sail may require re-tensioning, so it is recommended to regularly check the shade sail for stretching or wear, and adjust the turnbuckles as needed.

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