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Plastic Guide Posts

Plastic Guide Posts

Posted by Chain Direct on 15th Sep 2021

If you need to create a temporary barrier to prevent access to warehouse or factory areas, close off public facilities, restrict access to communal areas, or maybe help to enforce social distancing, then the use of plastic guide posts with plastic chain is an excellent option.

At Chain Direct, we have a selection of plastic guide posts that are designed for use with our plastic chain which are suitable for applications like crowd control, queue lines, display surrounds and more.

The stem height on each post is 1 metre and includes 2 hooks where plastic chains can be easily attached. The decorative cone that fits to the top of the post can also be removed, if necessary, to allow for the use of continuous lengths of plastic chain to be passed through and create extended lengths of barrier.

Our plastic guide posts are constructed of weatherproof, maintenance free and UV treated plastic, making them highly durable and long lasting.

If needed, the base of each post can be filled with sand, giving them extra stability to prevent them falling over in winds or accidental bumps.

The plastic guide posts are available in yellow, white and yellow with black stripes, making them ideal for safety zones. The white posts are popular for use in less hazardous applications as they fit in better with their surroundings.

At Chain Direct, we have a big range of plastic chain available in most colours and size options of 6mm and 8mm. We also have plastic chain connectors and plastic S hooks, allowing for quick and easy connection of lengths of plastic chain.

Check out our range here, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call.