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Top Quality Jack Chain

Top Quality Jack Chain

Posted by Chain Direct on 24th Mar 2021

Jack Chain is a highly versatile product made of wire that is formed into figure eight shaped links and is one of our most sort after chains.

Jack Chains are commonly used to suspend fixtures like lights, signs and hanging plants, or for decorative purposes like curtain walls, and may be manufactured as either single or double chain.

Jack Chain can be used when strength and load bearing ability are secondary as is not intended to support significant loads, however as a general-purpose chain, its flexibility is second to none.

Recently, the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane sourced in excess of 17,000 lineal meters of 1.6mm Zinc Plated Single Jack Chain from Chain Direct, which was used to construct curtain walls for a major exhibition. The result was spectacular!

Available in brass plated, zinc plated and stainless steel, we have a range of Jack Chain sizes in stock which can be purchased in number of different length packs or bulk order.

Jack chain is manufactured to be durable, flexible, and inexpensive, and stainless steel Jack Chain offers the best corrosion resistance, making it a good choice for outdoor use or in humid environments.

Jack Chain is also a useful product for art and craft applications, hobbyists, as well as hanging up your prized footy team sign in the man cave.

For gardeners, Jack Chain is a very inexpensive way of hanging up glass or shade house accessories. 

The uses are endless, so check out our range and buy online.