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Uses For Plastic Chain

Uses For Plastic Chain

Posted by Chain Direct on 20th Apr 2021

Our high-quality plastic chains come in a range of sizes and colours and are a popular choice for use in crowd control and industrial safety applications.

Plastic chains also make and ideal option for use in domestic applications around the home both indoors and outside, like hanging light-weight items, adding some character to your man cave, or decorating areas in the garden.

Our plastic chains are UV treated and weather-proof for excellent durability in outdoor locations, allowing them to be left outside without risk of fading and rusting.

As they are mode from a durable, light-weight polyethylene, these chains are easy to clean and pack away in a box for storage as needed.

Available in a range of single colours or colour combinations, plastic chains are often used in applications like crowd control, closing off access to equipment, or restricting access to areas in the workplace.

We also have a range of guidepost that can be used with plastic chains and are a great option for setting up safety zones.

Some other uses for plastic safety chains include road signalling, playgrounds, sports grounds, camping sites, swimming pools, retail displays, and schools.