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What Are Swivel Hooks

What Are Swivel Hooks

Posted by Chain Direct on 13th Jul 2021

Often, connecting chain or ropes to a fitting requires an easy to use and versatile connection that can be quickly attached and removed. Depending on the size of the chain or application, a Swivel Hook can be the ideal solution.

Swivel Hooks are a relative of the carabiner, which is a closed loop with a spring-loaded opening that is operated by pressing the thumb on the catch. This design allows it to be easily hooked or clipped on to other fittings.

The basic form of a Swivel Hook is a roughly question-mark shaped metal hook, with a hollow straight section into which the spring-loaded closing bar is fitted, and a small catch or knob with allows the snap hook to open when pressed with the thumb. When the knob is released, the gate snaps closed by the action of the spring, hence the name.

At the base of the spring hook, perpendicular to the hook’s stem, there is a swivel-mounted metal eye, which is capable of spinning freely about its axis. This metal eye is fastened in place by a bolt or pin, making a secure connection which will last throughout the lifespan of the snap hook.

Swivel Hooks are often used in applications like barrier chains, lanyards, pet leads and straps.

The Swivel Hooks available at Chain Direct have a swivel eye attachment at the base, which allows them to be connected easily to lengths of chain, rope, clasp or fastening.

The swivel eye allows the Swivel Hook spin freely on its axis, which prevents the length of chain or rope from becoming twisted and allows the hook to be angled differently to the chain or rope to which it is attached.

Our Swivel Hooks are available in high-quality stainless steel and nickel-plated finishes. Both give excellent strength, corrosion resistance and a hard-wearing finish.