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Galvanised Chain

  • Galvanised Chain 3mm

    Galvanised Chain 3mm

    Australian Standard regular link. Steel with hot dipped galvanised finish (dull grey colour). Not suitable for lifting. Maximum length in one piece - 125 meters  Link Specifications Link Diameter - 3mm Total Link Length - 24mm Total Link...

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  • Galvanised Chain 4mm

    Galvanised Chain 4mm

    4mm Steel Chain with hot dipped galvanised finish (dull grey colour).Not suitable for lifting.Approx - 77 meters per 25kg drum. Link Specifications Link Diameter - 4mm Total Link Length - 27mm Total Link Width - 16mm Internal Link Length -...

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  • Galvanised Chain 6mm

    Galvanised Chain 6mm

    6mm Australia Standard Regular Link Chain Hot Dipped Galvanised finish. Link Specifications Link Diameter - 6mm Total Link Length - 38mm Total Link Width - 24mm Internal Link Length - 26mm Internal Link Width - 12mm

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  • Hi Visibility Chain - 6mm

    Hi Visibility Chain - 6mm

    Australian Standard regular link steel chain hot dipped galvanised then powder coated bright yellow. Ideal for use where hi visibility is required as well as strength. Not suitable for lifting.  Typical usage is in public carparks etc. Link...

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  • Galvanised Chain 8mm

    Galvanised Chain 8mm

    8mm Australian Standard Regular Link Hot Dipped Galvanised Chain.  Perfect for a whole range of applications including fencing, security, carparks etc. Hot Dipped Galvanised finish is rust resistant to protect the chain from the elements...

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