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High Strength Security Chain

High Strength Security Chain

Posted by Chain Direct on 28th Apr 2021

When it comes to chaining up your valuable property its best to use the correct type of chain for the job.

Not all chains are good for use in security applications.

For example, a high tensile steel chain will have great strength and durability, but can easily be cut, which doesn’t make it a very good choice for locking up property in a security application.

A specialist security chain is made from hardened steel which offers exceptional cut and saw resistance, protecting against break-in by preventing access through sawing, bolt cutters or even freezing, which can be used to break through many other types of chain.

Our high strength security chain has a unique square link construction that is covered by a clear, soft plastic sleeve. So, not only is the security chain incredibly strong, but the cover also helps to protect surfaces from scratching and chipping as the chain and padlock are put in place.

The nickel plated, silver finish looks great and resists against corrosion, meaning the chain will last for years.

When used with our security padlocks, this combination will provide a reliable and superior level of security for locking up your property.

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