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Why Use An Anchor Chain

Why Use An Anchor Chain

Posted by Chain Direct on 22nd Mar 2021

If you have a boat that you use out in the ocean or large waterways, then you most likely have an anchor. Ideally, your anchor setup should consist of both anchor chain and rope, with the chain being on the end with the anchor.

Inexperience boaties often wonder why they need to use both anchor chain and rope?

As the anchor chain is attached to the anchor end, it helps to keep the rope off the sea floor and from wearing away through rubbing on rocks and debris as the boat moves with the waves and wind.

Also, as the chain is heavy on its own, it helps to hold the anchor line to the bottom so that the pull on the anchor is more horizontal, which reduces the chances of your anchor moving.

When choosing how much anchor chain you need, the general rule is that you should have approximately one foot of anchor chain for every foot of boat length. For example, a 14 foot boat would need 14 feet of anchor chain plus rope.

If you will be anchoring your boat in extreme conditions or for extended periods, you should have about one foot of chain for every six feet of anchor rope. This set up helps to ensure an optimal angle for the anchor on the seabed, making the mooring much more secure.

We stock a range of quality galvanised anchor chain in various sizes allowing you to choose the best chain for your needs. This can be purchased in per metre lengths, or bulk quantities to help you save money.

Also in stock is a range of shackles so you can put together the set up you need for your anchor.